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Deanna Renee Falge

Founder of Earth Embodied


My Short Story:

My full name is Deanna Renee Falge. My pronouns are she/her.

I grew up in Santa Cruz, California, land of the Awaswas people, which is also where I live now.

I am passionate about supporting others through transition and transformation by guiding them into deep and meaningful relationship with the Earth, body, soul, and community.

Earth Embodied was seeded out my first wilderness vision fast journey, and has been a culmination of my work and experience in embodiment facilitation, dance, nature-based life coaching, mentoring, ecotherapy, outdoor education, mindfulness, performance, and rites of passage.

When I am not guiding, you can most easily find me surfing, playing in the ocean, contemplating life in an oak tree, dancing, DJing, singing, laughing, wandering off trail, or eating quality dark chocolate.

My Longer Story:

Since I was a child, I have always loved initiatory experiences, adventure, being outside, and studying human nature. I took a very academic route through school, studying Biological Psychology in college, and studying animal cognition and behavior as a research assistant in my initial years post-graduation. I was on the route towards getting a PhD, only because that's the only option I could see. Looking back, I think I would have done fine as a PhD student and scientist. However, at the time, I felt like something was seriously missing in my life. I felt the need for deeper meaning and connection. I have watched many people acknowledge this feeling and ignore it, going on with their life as if everything is going to work out eventually. But I couldn't ignore the feeling. I needed to figure out what was missing. So, I left everything and bought a one-way ticket to Vietnam. For the next 10 months in Asia, I unconsciously took myself on a rites of passage through adolescence.

Those 10 months in Asia were exactly what I needed to discover my self and begin to ponder my real purpose on Earth. I returned home without much of a cognitive answer to my true life purpose, but I did know one thing: all I wanted to do was be outside and be with kids.

I became an outdoor educator and that was a huge turning point. I was introduced to ancestral skills, indigenous history, wilderness survival, right relation with the Earth, the history of the land, the climate crisis, and most importantly, my playful, embodied child self.

I eventually began working 1-on-1 with teens and adults as a Professional Nature-based Life Coach. I got certified through the Earth Based Institute in an intensive year long program, and through that work, I began to hear about this thing called "rites of passage". Although I didn't really know what it meant, there was a feeling deep inside me that knew it was something I needed to pursue and offer to others- that same sort of feeling that told me to buy a one-way ticket to Vietnam.


Before I could comprehend what I had gotten myself into, I was signed-up for my first wilderness vision fast ceremony with the School of Lost Borders. I had no idea what I was doing (I didn't even know what "fasting" meant), but I knew I needed to do it.

I have experienced a lot of retreats, workshops, ceremonies, and transformative events throughout my life. However, this vision fast ceremony was different. The ceremony rooted a vision and a knowing in my bones for eternity and generations to come. The ceremony showed me my innate connection to the Earth, to my purpose, and to my self as a Woman. Through this ceremony, Earth Embodied was born. You can read more about Earth Embodied below.

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My Qualifications

I am a Certified Professional Nature-Connected Life Coach (NCC) and Transformational Guide (TWG) through the Earth-Based Institute (ICF Accredited), Certified Ecotherapist through the Earth Body Institute, and trained in the art of wilderness vision fast guiding through the School of Lost Borders. I hold a traditional Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Psychology from UC Santa Barbara.


I am trained in somatic experiencing, trauma-informed coaching, embodied partswork, grief and loss therapy, gestalt therapy, embodiment facilitation, mindfulness, wilderness rites of passage, the four shields model, nonviolent communication, various ancestral skills, wilderness survival skills, and coyote mentorship. I utilize these tools and methodologies in my work.

I hold years of experiencing working with teens, women, and adults as a guide, life coach, ecotherapist, mentor, outdoor educator, embodiment facilitator, wilderness skills instructor, nature-connection guide, rites of passage guide, and dance instructor.


About Earth Embodied

What is Earth Embodied, really?


Earth Embodied is a living entity.

Earth Embodied is about discovering your own innate relationship with the Earth and your body, and allowing that relationship to inform your life.

Earth Embodied believes that each and every one of us has a very meaningful role in the web of life, and that by listening to our bodies and the Earth, we can better understand, express, and embody our unique role.

Earth Embodied intends to offer a safe space for individuals and communities to fully embody and express their true nature so that they can live their most authentic, aligned, and alive life.

Lastly, Earth Embodied is an opportunity for personal and collective transformation towards a life-enhancing and life-sustaining planet.