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Rites of Passage Journeys

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You must feel "the call."

That feeling deep inside that won't stop nagging at you to make a shift.

The call to go within.

The call for transformation.

Are you feeling the need for change, transition, or initiation?

Are  you are already experiencing change or transition but need support?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the complexity of our times?

A Rites of Passage journey could be calling you.

A rites of passage journey is for those who are ready for:

Death & Rebirth

Transition & Transformation

Embodiment of a New Way of Being

Deep Knowing of Your Gifts and Soul's Purpose

A Deep & Meaningful Relationship with the Earth

Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Resiliency

Connection with Your Ancestral Knowledge

A Deep Sense of Belonging to the Earth

A New Phase of Life

What is a Rites of Passage Journey?​

A Rites of Passage is an ancient practice of initiation, marking life change, and honoring the passing of one life stage to another. Rites of Passage is not a new concept; this practice is in our bones and integral to personal and collective health and development. However, our modern world has lost healthy, guided Rites of Passage, and today most people initiate themselves, often through unhealthy actions and behaviors.


An intentional, well guided Rites of Passage is absolutely crucial to our personal and collective resilience and sustainability. A Rites of Passage supports us to sever from old ways and initiate into the new. In turn, we embody our true sense of belonging, purpose, and role on Earth, and live a more rich, clear and connected life.


Choosing this journey with Deanna includes at least three months of preparation and two months of integration. Deanna incorporates a 1-4 day solo wilderness vision fast ceremony into each customized rites of passage journey, where you will be in solitude with the elements, with minimal gear and a clearly formed intention.


One-on-One Structure:​

5 months commitment

First 3 months: Preparation

Ecotherapy, coaching & mentoring to prepare you physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually for your solo wilderness vision fast journey.

Rites of Passage Journey:

A 1-4 day solo wilderness journey (click here for more info)

This journey is designed to best suit your needs.

Locations vary throughout Santa Cruz County and Big Sur.

Last 2 months: Incorporation

Deep integration work to help you transition into your new life.

May include a community gathering and storytelling ceremony​.

Interested? Want to learn more?

Contact Deanna here.

For pricing, location info, and other logistics, please visit the FAQ page.

"I feel like I can finally take care of myself, love myself, and be independent in a healthy way."

-Madeleine, 20, Santa Cruz, CA


Group Journeys


A 6-month Nature & Body-Based Transformational Journey for Women

Rooted in embodiment, community and right relation with the Earth

Read more here.


Nature & Body-Based Mentorship & Rites of Passage for Young Women Ages 17-20

Contact Deanna here for more information.

Custom Journeys

Deanna also offers custom group rites of passage journeys. If you are a group of women or teens, please contact Deanna to learn how we may design a journey that best fits your community.

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Teen Journeys

Deanna offers teen Rites of Passage journeys for ages 14-19.

Please visit our teen rites of passage program here for information.

"Deanna is absolutely one of the most profound people I have met with such a genuinely caring heart. She has impacted my life in many different ways. Deanna has a way of instantly making you feel like part of the community and she’s not afraid to lead community in whatever way necessary. She has a way of leading that is polite and respectful, and she is not afraid to see what needs to be done and make it happen."

-Alyssa, 18, Scotts Valley, CA

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