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Dance Journeys

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Women's Dance Journeys

Next Event TBA!

Join us for a magical evening of transformative dance, connection and sisterhood!

Please bring a water bottle, comfortable clothes, and something for the altar if you would like!


5:30-5:45: Opening Circle & Embodiment Practice

5:45-7:10pm: Dance & Sound Bath

7:10-7:30pm: Closing Circle & Connection

Please contact me HERE with any questions!

"Deanna's women's ecstatic dance is one of the most nourishing and rejuvenating ecstatic dances I have ever been too! She creates a magical, safe container for women to truly drop in to their body and express themselves however they want. Her leadership style is so warm and inviting that you can immediately feel at ease and held in her circle of women. Her DJ skills are absolutely incredible and she truly makes the music a very intentional journey."

-Katie, 32, Voice Coach, Santa Cruz, CA


About Dance Journeys

First, What is it?

My Dance Journeys are free-form movement spaces that invite and support your body to fully and authentically express in whatever way feels true for you in the present moment. As a trained Ecstatic Dance DJ & Embodiment Guide, I curate a space and musical journey that invites you to dive deep into your body, soul and spirit, offering strong potential for healing, growth and transformation. The space is sober, barefoot, and non-verbal (though sounds are welcome and encouraged). We sometimes begin with an opening circle and always end with a closing circle.

Where can I dance with you?

I currently DJ the following Dance Journeys in Santa Cruz

(view the events calendar for upcoming dates):

Women's Ecstatic Dance (see above!)

Special & Private Events (contact me)

Monday Night Dance Journey - resumes Feb. 2023

Outdoor Ecstatic Dance - Saturdays

Dance Church - Sunday Mornings

Want to join but a little intimidated?

Connect with me here and I am happy to offer you more information.

IMG_8604 copy.JPG

My DJ Bio

Well, first and foremost, I am a dancer. A very passionate dancer.

You can listen to my sound journeys on SoundCloud here.

A bit about me as a DJ:

First and foremost, Deanna is a dancer. A very passionate dancer. As an Ecstatic Dance DJ, Embodiment Facilitator, Nature-based Life Coach and Wilderness Rites of Passage Guide, Deanna's passion for movement and earth-based spirituality permeate throughout her organic and sensual DJ style. Her sets have been described as tribal, medicinal, feminine, playful, inspirational, international, soulful and heart-centered. She loves to mix Latin and African beats, earth sounds, and inspiring lyrics. Deanna channels her visceral passion for dance, music and the Earth through her music journeys.

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