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Life Coachi

Supporting you through Life Transition & Transformation through Deep Relationship with the Earth & Your Self

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Adult Coching

What is "Nature-Connected
Life Coaching" (NCC)?

Are you at a crossroads?

Are you amidst a transition?

Are you tired of the "day-to-day", "business-as-usual"?

Do you want to live a more meaningful and purposeful life?

Do you want to deepen your relationship with the Earth & your Body?

Do you prefer to be outside than in a traditional therapy office?

In this work, I help you:


Nature-Connected Life Coaching (NCC) is a unique and powerful form of guidance that utilizes a somatic, outdoor, trauma-informed approach to guide you through life challenges and transitions, all while deepening your innate relationship with your Body, Earth, and your Self.

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"Is this for me?"

Do you...​

•  Want to feel connected to your purpose

•  Want to experience a more enriching and meaningful life

•  Feel confused or stagnant in your current situation

•  Feel that you are at a crossroads or experiencing a life transition

•  Want to make a big difference in the world

•  Feel concern and grief for the state of the world

•  Want to develop a deeper relationship with your body and the Earth

•  Want to embody your gifts and serve them to others

If you answered yes to one or more of the points above, I would love to connect.

Contact me for a free 30-min call here.

For pricing, location info, and other logistics, please visit the FAQ page.

Connect with Your Purpose

Feel Inspired, Alive & Aligned

Find Clarity on Your Life Path

Feel Rooted During Transition

Develop Strong Somatic Awareness

Connect with Your Body's Innate Wisdom

Be a Leader Towards a Life-Sustaining Planet

Create and Commit to Clear Goals and Intentions

Develop a Deep Relationship with the Earth

Realize and Embody Your Gifts

Feel a Deep Sense of Belonging

Build Emotional Resiliency

Process Grief and Anxiety

Express your True Nature

Is this for me?

"Deanna facilitates a beautiful space for me on my journey. She acts as a patient and attentive vessel, creating space for self-discovery, healing and knowledge. After my sessions with Deanna, I feel as if a heavy backpack has been taken off my shoulders, and I have more clarity on my path. I also have concrete action items to work on incorporating into my life."

-Charlotte, 24, Educator, Santa Cruz, Ca


One-on-One Support
For Teens & Young Adults

Coaching & Mentoring for teens and young adults. Our work together helps them deepen their loving relationship with their self, their body, the Earth, and their sense of purpose.

In this work, I help teens and young adults:

Contact Deanna for a free 30-min call here.

For pricing, location info, and other logistics, please visit the FAQ page.

Teen Coacing

Develop a Strong Sense of Self

Strengthen Emotional Resiliency

Increase Self Confidence & Esteem

Manage & Release Stress & Anxiety

Grow a Deep Relationship with Nature

Inspire, Set, & Actualize Intentions & Goals

Connect with Gifts, Purpose & Direction

 Increase Mindfulness & Compassion

Process Climate Grief & Anxiety

Develop Deep Listening Skills

Develop Positive Body Image

Empower their Inner Leader

"Deanna helps young people take life’s challenges and turn them into character building experiences instead of hardships that may knock them down."


-Beth, Parent, Scotts Valley, Ca


Wild Medicine Journey

A Wild Medicine Journey is a full-day (sunrise to sunset) immersion into your inner and outer wilderness to help you find clarity, sever from something in your life, mark change, celebrate a new phase, honor death, release from old ways, or symbolically plant new seeds in your life. This is a powerful practice found in indigenous cultures around the world, and is sometimes referred to as a "Medicine Walk". The Wild Medicine Journey is supported by in-depth preparation and integration, and is a taste of the full Rites of Passage experience.

How it works:


One preparation session, 120 min

Our session will help you form a clear intention for the day-long journey, as well as prepare physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Wild Medicine Journey:

Solo journey from sunrise to sunset.

The location will be chosen based on your intention and needs.

May include a fast from food, but not required.


One or two integration sessions, 60 min each

Contact Deanna for a free 30-min call here.

For pricing, location info, and other logistics, please visit the FAQ page.

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