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Women's Wilderness Ceremony

May 2-12th 2024
Eastern Big Sur, Ca

Registration is Open
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May 2-12th 2024

12pm Saturday - 3pm Sunday

Milipitas, Big Sur, CA

The Women's Wilderness Ceremony is an opportunity to be in deep connection with the land, community, and soul through 11 days in the wilderness of Big Sur, four of which are spent in a 4-day, 4-night solo journey (with the option to fast- see "vision fast" ceremony).


The solo journey is an opportunity to mark life change or transition, and may be treated as a severance from an old identity or way of being in the world, an honoring of who you are now, or an honoring of who you are becoming. For some, this ceremony will be a rite of passage into a new role, identity, or phase of life.

This is a time to be held by the land, listen deeply, and receive healing and transformation, all within a strong container of women.

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What to Expect:

The program is divided into three sections; severance, threshold, and incorporation. The first three days are a time of ‘severance’ or separation from your daily life, leaving behind what no longer serves, and setting intentions for your solo. The ‘threshold time’ is your solo time of four days and nights in the eastern Big Sur wilderness, Milipitas. The three days following the solo time are the first days of your incorporation experience, where we will learn to incorporate the gifts from your journey into your life and community.

You may also expect:

• Nature-based Ritual

• Council

• Medicine Walks
• Embodiment Practices
• Community Meals

• Two Experienced Guides (WFR Cert)
• A Loving Container

Your Guides


Deanna Renee Falge

Deanna is a passionate guide, Earth steward and dancer. She is dedicated to supporting the unfolding of people’s life journey and transformation by nurturing their emotional and spiritual connection with the Earth. Her relationship with the Earth has served as an essential anchor for navigating her life and soul's purpose, and she wants everyone to have this same opportunity.


Deanna has studied wilderness rites of passage and the art of vision fast guiding with the School of Lost Borders, Animas Valley Institute, and Earth-based Institute. She has formal education in Biological Psychology from UC Santa Barbara, and is a certified Nature-Connected Life Coach, Transformational Wilderness Guide, and Wilderness First Responder. She has years of training and experience in outdoor mentorship, nature-connection, wilderness ceremonies, ancestral skills, backpack guiding, ecotherapy, trauma-informed coaching, ritual, dance and embodiment facilitation.

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Angela Vincent

Angela is a soul guide disguised in many forms. She has spent her life following the golden threads of mystery, swimming in alpine lakes and wild rivers, bathing like a lizard on hot rocks, and above all being awed by the beauty and irony of the world.  She brings the gifts of humor, wildness, love, and deep witnessing to others’ unique unfoldings. Through her many experiences of deep connection to the soul of the Earth, she has formed a deep commitment to helping others remember their innate belonging and purpose.


She has studied with The School of Lost Borders, The Animas Valley Institute, and Martin Prechtel's "school," Bolad's Kitchen. Her formal education includes a Bachelor's degree in Secondary Education and a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy.


Tuition & Registration



Sliding Scale

What's Included:

• Pre-Trip Zoom Call

(e.g. physical, emotional, and spiritual prep)

• First night's dinner, dinner before solo, and breakfast after solo

Post-Trip Zoom Integration Call

• One-on-One & Group Support

•  Two Experienced Guides Supporting You Every Step of the Journey

What's Not Included:

•  Travel to-and-from location

(we can help coordinate carpools)

• Meals (except the meals stated above)

• Camping gear, such as sleeping bag, pad, cooking supplies, etc.

(we can help you find any other gear that you need)

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To Register, please Contact us through our Contact Form

With Love and Gratitude from Your Guides,​

Deanna & Angela

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